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Stephen Gribble Member profile

Captain : Stephen Gribble

The 'Gribble' is a species of humanoid aliens from 'Grib-Topia'

Definition – ‘Grib-Topia’

A sublime zero gravity paradise inhabited only by ‘Gribbles’

Definition – ‘Gribbles’

A race of uncoordinated gangly creatures who habitually consume large amounts of a mild poison, known as ‘grog’, on days ending with a Y. A Gribble in their natural environment (zero gravity) is a graceful creature, a Gribble ‘swims’ through the environment, using its underdeveloped limbs as steering apparatus, much like a seahorse in the ocean.

When out of its natural environment a Gribble can often be found in a heap with limbs tangled and in a general state of disarray, it’s usual propulsion system ineffective in an environment with a gravitational pull. 

Despite the obvious drawbacks of the Gribbles physical state it can be a fierce predator when provoked, with flailing limbs and a look of determination a Gribble can inflict serious damage to small prey such as field mice and lady bugs.

The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy classified the Gribble as ‘mostly harmless’.

Damien Brennan Member profile - no photo available

Vice Captain : Damien Brennan

Kyle Allen Member profile - no photo available Kyle Allen
Nickname: BOOM
Paul Armstead Member profile Paul Armstead
Born Pavel Ivanovich Armsteydinov, an understudy & body double of Lenin. He was a key player in Revolution and the secret chairman of the Communist Party until his sympathies for the Capitalist Pig dogs was discovered. Forced into hiding, he feld to Germany, where he delevoped a taste for German Beer and Pork Knuckle. While in exile in Germany he met a man known only as “the Doctor” who possessed an interesting blue box. He was taken away from Europe and to the land down under where a man just smiled and gave him a vegemite sandwich. He took an immediate liking to cricket. When asked if he liked cricket he said “no no I love it”. Better known to the cricketing public as "Armface" or the "Face".
Dave Bickerstaff Member profile - no photo available Dave Bickerstaff
David Bickerstaff - Super, Super Dave

Super was born at sea to Tasmanian poppy farmers.  They had decided to illegally migrate to the mainland of Australia when Bob Brown entered politics, threatening to crack down on the opium industry.  He originally wasn't interested in cricket, preferring to throw a lure in, and occasionally he managed to snag the family pet, a goldfish called Snookums.  His passion for fishing grew but around 13 he noticed a change...that small piece of 'wood' had turned into quite a 'bat'.  He practiced with his bat for a few years before obtaining a job at the Moe council as a grave digger.  He impressed there and formed the Dead Moe's Society.  From there he moved to Canberra to exploer the seedy underworld of the paparazzi and now works for renowned magazine, the Australian Womens Weekly, as cooking editor.

Jason Bishop Member profile - no photo available Jason Bishop
Jason Bishop - Pope, Bisho

Pope was born into aristocracy, being the only son of the mayor of Chinchilla Shire Council.  He didn't follow in his fathers footsteps however, rebelling early on, leaving home and joining the travelling circus to be shot out of a cannon in country West Australian towns.  Realising his fair of clowns was hampering his performance, he moved on and picked up a number of part-time modelling gigs.  Unfortunately, the gigs were short lived, and didn't pay many bills, so he continued to move, finally settling in Canberra.  He is currently on performance-based payments at the Bears, which he is supplementing with the occasional modelling job.
Tim Bradley Member profile - no photo available Tim Bradley
Tim Bradley - Timmy

Tim, hailing from South Boston, had a genius-level intellect but chose to work as a janitor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and spend his free time with his friends Chuckie Sullivan, Billy McBride  and Morgan O'Mally. When Fields Medal-winning combinatorialist Professor Gerald Lambeau posted a difficult problem taken from algebraic graph theory as a challenge for his graduate students to solve, Tim solved the problem quickly but anonymously. Lambeau posted a much more difficult problem and chances upon Tim solving it, but Tim then ran off to play for the Polar Bears instead to pursue his true passion of cricket over complex mathematic equations, leaving this final message with his mentors: "I gotta go see about a bear."
Ian Butt Member profile - no photo available Ian Butt
Ian Butt - Buttsey

Originally hailing from Alaska, Buttsy strode forth from his igloo one day as a bright-eyed youngster called Nanuk, and caught his first glimpse of a polar bear.  His affinity with the mighty animal has stuck with him throught his life as a D-Grade movie actor.  Appearances in classics such as Revenge of the Killer Tomatoes cemented him as a household name.  Unfortunately, fame was all too brief.  Desperate for the adulation, he changed his name and became addicted to reality tv shows.  Appearing in Celebrity Big Brother, Celebrity Survivor, I'm a Celebrity, Get me out of here!, and Celebrity Apprentice, he finally hit rock bottom with an all-too-brief stint on the Bachelorette.  Remembering the link with the polar bear, he googled and found a link with a group in Canberra.  A brief stint as a male prostitute gave him enough money for a one way ticket to Canberra, where he remains to this day.
Kai Cantwell Member profile - no photo available Kai Cantwell
When I am not playing cricket, you may find me at the international flower festivals.

Kai Cantwell - Flowers

Born in a cabbage patch field, and growing up in Daisy Hill, it was no wonder that Flowers grew up the way he did.  His house was host to the Queensland Cane Toad Racing Association, and a large part of his youth was spent as a stable boy, cleaning out the 'pens'.  After the big cane toad betting sting of the late 90's, Flowers family fled the furore for a farm in Flowerpot, Tasmania.  Mushroom farming sustained them for a while, but gambling was the families number 1 love, and they were enticed by the lights of Hobart.  A few debts owed to the wrong people, and soon the cane toad mafia found them again.  This time, the family handed themselves in to police, and offered to appear as a witness against the mighty cane toad mafia.  After years of court appearances, it became obvious that the mafia was too strong for the police to bring down.  Placed into the witness protection program, 'Flowers' was moved to Canberra, and has remained to this day, masquerading as a cricketer.
Pablo Colmenares Member profile Pablo Colmenares
Pablo Colmenares - Pabs

Your typical Aussie bloke growing up, Pablo spent most his early years in Innaloo, near Perth, bowling underarm and practising mankads.  He became obsessed with Paddington Bear, and by his 18th birthday had opened an Australian arm of the franchise.  A multi-millionaire by the time he turned 19, Pabs concentrated on the east coast of Australia, moving to Canberra and indulging in some of his passions.  His ventures since have included buying 47 cars (one for each child), running a big cat game park, and cricket, where he has successfully become a valuable member of the Polar Bears.  His only unsuccessful venture so far is opening a mankad academy, with only one person graduating in recent years.

michael davey Member profile - no photo available michael davey
nick name diesel
Glen Dickie Member profile - no photo available Glen Dickie
Dickie is a distinguished cricketer with the bowling and batting skills honed through Junior & Senior cricket in the very strong Griffith District Competition. His explosive batting although hit or miss alot of the time is devestating when he can actually see the ball. Bowling at a steady medium pace his line and length is his weapon even though some gumbies seem to like this bowling in Sunday Social. He has a highest score of 63 , but if anyone says that there were only 9 fielders don't believe them. Best bowling of 6 for 35 was acheived for the mighty Exies B grade but please dont try and verify these statistics because records may have gone missing. Glen is the 13th great great grandson to Captain James Dickie, who captained the Prince of Wales transport ship (all convicts were female bar one) as part of the first fleet.  Interestingly, most of the convicts on board were given personal check ups by Captain Dickie, an amateur doctor.  Anyhow, the Dickies were given a plot of land which is still to this day known as Dickies Beach, and it's from there that glen's interest in music began.  He entered all the school musicals but there was knock back after knock back.  Disillusioned he began to write songs.  He often wrote to up-and-coming artists in the US of A.  Wrapped in a pair of baggy pants, Glens demo of 'You can't touch this' touched MC Hammer.  Another, "Don't worry, be happy" made Bobby McFerrin a few shekels.  He teamed up with Bono to rescue some Polar Bears from Mongolian traders and fell in love.  He moved to Canberra where in his spare time he plays cricket for the Polar Bears
Peter Dradrach Member profile - no photo available Peter Dradrach
Peter Dradrach - Drady

Drady was born on a Spanish galleon and followed in his parents (Ol' One Eye and Pink Beard) footsteps, excelling in hischosen field of piracy.  Meeting the wench of his dreams, Drady decided to settle down, and moved to Canberra.  Unable to quite get the seven seas out of his nostrils, he successfully introduced International talk like a pirate day'.  He found cricket a useful outlet, and also created a Turkish Bellydance Group, which to this day holds the record of selling out the Erindale Club for the longest successive number of weeks - 7!  On clear days, you can sometimes see Drady on Point Hut Pond in a row boat, accompanied by his parrot, Crackers.
Alan Duffy Member profile - no photo available Alan Duffy
Alan Duffy - Duff

A local lad , hailing from Springfield , near Cooma , Alan was the only son of a local brew master. He was swept into his fathers trade at a young age , but never really had the family talent for beer. After an argument with his old man , we went to work at a local vineyard where his penchant for sampling old port began. He soon became addicted to the fortified spirit and his addiction became so great he was forced to quit . He then spent some time on the goon before he was offered the job as a mascot for his fathers beer. DUFFMAN was born , and his role in his fathers brewery was now obvious.

Andrew Lourigan Member profile - no photo available Andrew Lourigan
Andrew Lourigan - Spooner

Spooner has been a natural sportsperson in a number of sports for most of his life.  At the age of 16, he accepted a 3 year contract to play badminton for a club in the Democratic Republic of Congo.  Returning to his home in Swinger Hill after those 3 years, he found he still had the travel bug, so he packed a swag and a backpack and slept under the stars in Weston Creek and Kambah for several months.  During this time he found the Weston Creek Indoor Sports Centre, the Bears, and has been a regular ever since.

Paul Martin Member profile - no photo available Paul Martin
PM - new outdoor Polar for 2009-10
Daham Mudiyanselage Member profile Daham Mudiyanselage
Daham Mudiyanselage - GMan, G, GString etc.

Raised in the wild by Polar Bears, GMan was rescued and reunited with his family at an early age.  The baby of the Polar Bears, thrives in the environment provided by older, much wiser bears.  He was only a baby when he played his first game, and many have seen him grow up, taking his first sneaky run brought many to tears.  He holds the record for being called a chucker in every game he's played, some of those by opposition players mind you.  Always smiling, he eventually became a dentist, even starring in a Colgate ad, although you never got to see his face.  He led the national campaign for 'Clean up your teeth' Day, which was unfortunately a dismal failure, but later joined forces with Steve Irwin in another failed campaign, this time to ensure the health of Sting Rays.  He then became part owner of the ABC Childcare chain which went into liquidation.  Not to be defeated, he purchased a resort in Apia, Samoa, which was totally flattened by the tsunami.  He also later went on to win the Aussie millions, and two other World Series bracelets and became the highest money earner on the World Poker Tour (in between games for the Bears).
Pat Murray Member profile - no photo available Pat Murray
Have been playing Over 50 & Over 60s. Keen to get some more time in the middle.
Stuart Noack Member profile - no photo available Stuart Noack
Stuart Noack- Disco

Some say that when his head shakes off, he can run around without it for up to 10 minutes.  Others say he can play cricket with the car still running.  All we know is that he's Disco.
Steven O'Brien Member profile Steven O'Brien
Steve O'Brien - Hot Pants, HP, Sauce

Hot Pants spent his early years in Wonthaggi, honing his keen eye for fashion.  He also developed into a popular film critic, and could often be heard at Wonthaggi Primary School listing the flaws in the latest Police Academy movie.  These combined passions lent themselves towards a natural transition to the cricket field, and he proved a hit, leading the Wonthaggi Warriors Under 14's to successive titles.  Upon finishing school, and keen to see the big lights, Hot Pants decided on a move to Canberra.  The bustling night life saw him develop a penchant for tight shorts, something which translated to the cricket field, where he was still making waves with this bowling.  He has currently taken a sabbatical from work to successfully show his Pomeranians at dog shows around the country.
Anthony Ar Parsons Member profile Anthony Ar Parsons
Chook has led a interesting and varied life.  From his early days in Badger Head (it's in Tasmania, if you were wondering), he decided at the age of 16 it was too small for him, and struck out for the mainland.  Building a raft he set off, and once rescued, he was taken to Melbourne, where his new life began.  He found an affinity with alternative medical practices, and studied to become a naturopath.  Unfortunately, he was thrown out of medical school after an apparent botched attempt to conduct breast reduction surgery on himself.  Days of depression followed and saw him join the Finks Motorcycle Club.  After a failed coup, he fled and went into hiding.  He subsequently found God and cricket.  He can be identified by distinctive tattoos of his pin number on the palm of his left hand, and "if found, please return to the Sober up house Ainslie"
Damien Plenty Member profile Damien Plenty
Damien Plenty - Damo

Growing up in Scotchy Pocket was never going to be easy, but Damo excelled, taking to hitting inanimate objects with sticks.  This skill led him to a brief but successful run on the junior pro mini golf tour.  His other love, music, caused him to leave mini golf and get involved in the music industry.  Damo became a roadie on John Farnham's last ever tour.  After 124 venues and 3 years, with no sign of the tour finishing, Damo was diagnosed with industrial deafness, and sadly had to say goodbye to an unrelentling Farnsy.  Figuring he needed to find a job where deafness was a plus, he became a teacher at Calwell High, and plans on becoming an cricket umpire.
Nik Prasad Member profile - no photo available Nik Prasad
Nik Prasad - MacGyver

Hailing from Green Bo, Alabama, Nik required braces from a young age.  He met the love of his life, Jennae during a bus ride on his first day to school.  At uni he played and starred in the football team, going on to All Star selection.  He graduated and enlisted in the army.  He was posted to Vietnam where he became a decorated soldier.  He was injured and was rehabilitated by playing table tennis.  After leaving the army he moved into the Shrimping industry where he struggled before making the big time.  From there he decided to embark on a campaign of physical fitness but after 3 years 47 days and 12 minutes he decided to return home where he found employment as a gardener.  His business associate, Dan, invested his shrimping boat money in an orchard, selling apples.  Flushed with cash he ended up marrying Jennae, and lived with her and Forrest Jnr until her death.  He moved to Canberra and began to play cricket, as he liked to take sneaky singles and was just told to run...

Shane Richards Member profile - no photo available Shane Richards

Shane begun his lifelong love of cricket when the Windies were at their best and Malcolm Marshall remains his favourite ever cricketer, with only Steve Waugh coming close in Shane’s eyes.


Shane was a terrific all-rounder and played for the Australian team whilst in Primary School, though this team was not recognised by the ICC, ACB or any cricketing body worldwide, as the competition was played mainly in the backyard at his or his friend Chris' parent's houses. The pitches were a batsmen's paradise because of the generous boundaries where getting a six and out was uncommon.


DRS and hotspot were originally conceived in Shane’s backyard after one particularly controversial electrical wicket non-dismissal.


After the 1988-89 backyard cricket season/school holidays finished, Shane retired from cricket and changed his focus to baseball, tennis and basketball. He returned to play cricket with a non-tennis ball for the first time in 2009-10 as Captain of the now defunct LegBefORS cricket team before humbly accepting an offer to play for the Polar Bears CC.


Peter Spence Member profile - no photo available Peter Spence
Peter Spence - Spency, Spetsy

Spetsy was born in 1953 and spent his formative years on a hippie commune in Cloncurry.  He developed a rare skin condition and spent time in Ecuador with a witchdoctor in a remote tribe.  Eating the roots of the kapok tree cured him, and his family returned to Australia, this time settling in Bald Knob (it exists!!), where Spetsy became a renowned pianist child prodigy.  Fortunately, the call of the astroturf was too much, and chasing a spot with the AIS, moved to Canberra.  While still chasing that elusive AIS spot, he has settled in well with the Bears
Greg Terrell Member profile - no photo available Greg Terrell
I played one season of indoor cricket for the Polar Bears back in 2002. Have been in Polar Bear hibernation ever since. Looking to make a comeback in the near future.

Greg Terrell - Phantom

Born Kit Walker, Phantom roughed it from an early age, living in a cave for most of his childhood.  Not having any other kids in the neighbouring caves proved a lonely existence, and once he turned 16, Phantom shed the purple spandex, changed his name to Gregg and became a backup singer to Julio Iglesias.  Travelling the globe in a private jet was a glamorous life - unfortunately, Phantom's fear of flying meant he travelled by bus or boat, so he missed most of the glamour.  After one particularly harrowing ferry trip to Australia, he decided that enough was enough, and resigned.  Taking up residence in Budgee Budgee, he started work as an apprentice platypus wrangler, before getting a promotion and moving to Canberra.  Between games of cricket, he spends his days scouring the Brindabella's, wrangling scorpions.  Oh, and there are the rumours the purple spandex comes out once in a while.
Aaron Thorne Member profile - no photo available Aaron Thorne
Originally born in New Zealand, Azz was in trouble with the law from an early age.  Aged 9 months he stole a teething rusk from another baby.  He was charged and convicted of assault with a deadly weapon (rattle) and placed in a pair of good behaviour bonds...This failed to curb his bad boy behaviour.  A string of crimes including indecent exposure (aged 3), jaywalking (4), and verbal assault (5) led to he and his family being sent to the penal colony known as Australia.  He offended immediately, nabbed with a large quantity of powder (years later found to be 100% pure talcum powder) and was sent to Bimberi Youth Detention centre in Canberra.  His life spiralled out of control and he was in and out of the detention centre until his 18th birthday.  Released on his 18th, he was set upon by a group of men, known as the Chappell's, who were celebrating the anniversary of some bowling comp.  Blamed for the incident he went on the run but was apprehended when he appeared on Australia's Most Wanted (AMW).  He was acquitted due to lack of evidence and due to his startling appearances in AMW, went on the game show scene winning Sale of the Century.  He was a carryover champ for 68 nights on Wheel of Fortune, however the pinnacle was a spot on Who wants to be a Mullionaire, when the million dollar question was "what is the collective noun for a group of polar bears?"  Of course he got it and retired to play the occasional game of cricket.
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