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  • Chook
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  • Chook has led a interesting and varied life.  From his early days in Badger Head (it's in Tasmania, if you were wondering), he decided at the age of 16 it was too small for him, and struck out for the mainland.  Building a raft he set off, and once rescued, he was taken to Melbourne, where his new life began.  He found an affinity with alternative medical practices, and studied to become a naturopath.  Unfortunately, he was thrown out of medical school after an apparent botched attempt to conduct breast reduction surgery on himself.  Days of depression followed and saw him join the Finks Motorcycle Club.  After a failed coup, he fled and went into hiding.  He subsequently found God and cricket.  He can be identified by distinctive tattoos of his pin number on the palm of his left hand, and "if found, please return to the Sober up house Ainslie"
  • Bearlow - 2010-2011 Outdoor Cricket

Performance Details

Batting and fielding history
 Total 9957105963612.6833100130
Season: 2017-2018 Outdoor Cricket
 All teams64120126.67100020
Season: 2016-2017 Outdoor Cricket
 All teams751593514.75600030
Season: 2015-2016 Outdoor Cricket
 All teams33116128.00000010
Season: 2015 Autumn LMS
 All teams11144Infinity000000
Season: 2013-2014 Outdoor Cricket
 All teams441703223.33400010
Season: 2012-2013 Outdoor Cricket
 All teams1281812311.57400030
Season: 2011-2012 Outdoor Cricket
 All teams111011042311.56700020
Season: 2010-2011 Outdoor Cricket
 All teams13113953611.88510010
Season: 2009-2010 Outdoor Cricket
 All teams66057369.50600000
Season: 2009-2010 Indoor Cricket
 All teams3650902518.00000000

Bowling history
SeasonMatchesOversMaidensRunsWicketsBest Bowling5WAverageEconomy
Total100260.4131239854 - 11014.584.75
2017-2018 Outdoor Cricket618.009184 - 33011.385.06
2016-2017 Outdoor Cricket724.4011193 - 11012.334.50
2015-2016 Outdoor Cricket38.012811 - 24028.003.50
2015 Autumn LMS14.001111 - 11011.002.75
2014-2015 Outdoor Cricket17.002311 - 23023.003.29
2013-2014 Outdoor Cricket48.008011 - 46080.0010.00
2012-2013 Outdoor Cricket1251.02228123 - 12019.004.47
2011-2012 Outdoor Cricket1149.06184154 - 11012.273.76
2010-2011 Outdoor Cricket1361.04319203 - 13015.955.23
2009-2010 Outdoor Cricket619.006763 - 26011.173.53
2009-2010 Indoor Cricket3611.0097113 - 508.828.82