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    Drady was born on a Spanish galleon and followed in his parents (Ol' One Eye and Pink Beard) footsteps, excelling in hischosen field of piracy.  Meeting the wench of his dreams, Drady decided to settle down, and moved to Canberra.  Unable to quite get the seven seas out of his nostrils, he successfully introduced International talk like a pirate day'.  He found cricket a useful outlet, and also created a Turkish Bellydance Group, which to this day holds the record of selling out the Erindale Club for the longest successive number of weeks - 7!  On clear days, you can sometimes see Drady on Point Hut Pond in a row boat, accompanied by his parrot, Crackers.
  • Bearlow - 2009-2010 Outdoor Cricket , Outdoor 5 wickets - 2010-2011 Outdoor Cricket , Outdoor 5 wickets - 2011-2012 Outdoor Cricket

Performance Details

Batting and fielding history
 Total 113781714447923.671050620

Season: 2014 Winter LMS

 All teams8841825245.50000200

Season: 2013-2014 Outdoor Cricket

 All teams9712117935.171050200

Season: 2012-2013 Outdoor Cricket

 All teams242154015225.06000200

Season: 2011-2012 Outdoor Cricket

 All teams141022063825.75000000

Season: 2010-2011 Outdoor Cricket

 All teams181722414516.07000000

Season: 2009-2010 Outdoor Cricket

 All teams141331733317.30000020

Season: 2009-2010 Indoor Cricket

 All teams2620301615.00000000

Bowling history
SeasonMatchesOversMaidensRunsWicketsBest Bowling5WAverageEconomy
Total113468.05218061176 - 7215.443.86
2014 Winter LMS828.0013794 - 12015.224.89
2013-2014 Outdoor Cricket962.110231184 - 26012.833.72
2012-2013 Outdoor Cricket24122.510522273 - 14019.334.25
2011-2012 Outdoor Cricket1492.016204256 - 718.162.22
2010-2011 Outdoor Cricket1890.016375205 - 6118.754.17
2009-2010 Outdoor Cricket1467.00264133 - 26020.313.94
2009-2010 Indoor Cricket266.007354 - 12014.6012.17